DL2100: RAID roaming problem

Hi all,

I constantly have the same problem. Both of my HDD lights turn red from time to time, but I can access my network shares and use plex for example. If I’m lucky I can access the dashboard. Then a message appears: “RAID roaming activated. You have to integrate volumes or otherwise lose all data.” I do so and everything works fine again. But sometimes I have to reset the device :frowning:

What is this? Does anybody have an idea why this happens?


Hello, the RAID roaming feature only happens when the drive are moved from the enclosure, I would recommend you to turn off the DL and test the internal drives with WD Data Life Guard while connected to a computer either with a SATA to USB connector or directly connected to a computer.

Hi Iluna,

thanks for your reply.

RAID roaming happens to me all the time, I don’t move the drives from the enclosure. I watched it over the past few weeks and I think the problem occurs when I add new devices to my LAN.

Every time I add a new device (like new iPhone or TV or anything that has an IP) the lights turn red. Then I have to reboot and the dubious “RAID roaming” message appears.

The problem now is: lights are blue again, I can access the dashboard but not my network drives :frowning:
“Enter network credentials” is popping up. I type in “admin” and my password, but nothing works. I also tried to turn off the password, but that doesn’t change anything…

I have a DL2100 and never saw this happen. Why not turn off unit, unplug it from everything, and open drive enclosures and just carefully try reseating the drives. and turn it on again. Might help

Mike, I did that. There is nothing wrong with the drives or the placement.

Lights are blue again after confirming the RAID roaming alert.

I know it sounds weird, but it happens every time I add a new device to my local network.

Weird, is right!