DL2100 Power LED flashes blue but I can't connect to device

I have tried customer email support but that is a slow route to resolution. The DL2100 was working just fine for about two months. Now the device only flashes the blue power button. The device seems not to fully boot. I have tried the following steps at the request of WD support:
I disabled my fire wall and anti virus
I tried connecting directly to my computer
LAN lights on the back a blinking
Power Cycled the device
Tried a Manual System Only reset

Still the power led flashed blue but I cannot connect.

I am able to ping the device’s ip address but not by device name
It does show up in the routers DHCP table

Is this device shot?

Also I would like to access the data on the DL2100’s HDDs but they are not readable in a standard HDD dock. how can I access the data?


I doubt the device is “shot”, and you cannot access the HDs other than via the DL2100.

Try this: Remove power and unplug your NAS, Remove both drives. partially; just so they are disconnected. Now, reconnect both in their holders very carefully. Now, plug it in and restart the NAS. Once settled in, is the situation same or better?

I have a DL2100, and this is what I would do if the other suggestions did not help.

Thanks for the reply. I tried unplugging the device, removed both drives and carefully reinstalled them and restarted the NAS as suggested but no change in the status. I was able to retrieve my data from the HDD by using a hard drive dock and some third party software that enables Windows to mount Linux volumes. So now I have an up to date backup, I just need to get the DL2100 back up and running, I’ve only had it for 6 weeks…

Get in touch with WD Support (a LEVEL 2 tech) you paid for this kind of service. If possible CALL support!

Thanks again, I contacted level 2 tech support by phone. They determined that the device is bad and are replacing it under warranty.

Please tell us the software you used, so others may benefit from your experience.

Glad to know WD is taking care of you. Too bad about the failure of NAS.

I used Ext2Fsd a file system driver for Windows to read the drives from my NAS. It was a free download, easy to use and got the job done.

Thanks, but more details, please. Did you remove the drives from the NAS to read/copy them? Then. mount them in an enclosure or docking station?

Where did you install Ext2Fsd? What computer.

Thanks, again.

Mike I had similar problem. The way I accessed the Hard drives from My DL2100 was via a Mac Pro where I installed LINUX (Ubuntu) on one of the internal Hard drives. Bye using a hard drive docking station I could access the hard drives, check their integrity via a LONUX utility and also read & transfer all of my files.