DL2100 No longer Turns on at all


I use my unit as a backup & only plug it in & turn it on when making backups usually once every 3-4months.
Recently when I did this I was transferring files to my nas & windows explorer became unresponsive & I looked at my nas & it was off with no lights. The ac adapter green led light still stays on, and I measured DC voltage out the end & there was power coming from the adaptor. Trying to turn my unit on nothing happens, no leds or anything. I looked inside on the main board & there is no obvious sign of any damage or a short.

Does anyone know if this sort of thing happens much & what might cause it? I keep my unit stored in my cool dust free vault with desiccants.
I don’t think these are worth fixing, think its past warranty.

please help, thanks



I recommend you try using a different power adapter. If the drive is still not turning on then I believe the drive is defective.

I dont recommend any repair services since this may damage the drive even more and make the data irrecoverable.


Thanks Hamlet. Do you mean the disk drives are faulty or the nas device itself? shouldn’t there be some leds on to indicate a fault? I will try another adapter.


Is the unit out of warranty? If not, call WD and send it in for repair. When you lose power…do you hear the drives going or is everything dead? May be the board that runs the front lights/display? Its been awhile, did you have it fixed yet?


Not sure why you replied so later on ttansey?

But this unit does not turn on at all, nothing! no leds on, (usually when power is on the rear leds are on) & absolutely no sign of any damage inside. It has nothing to do with the drives. I tried everything I could, change internal battery, take out ram, get new AC charger etc.

WD support is bad, they just stopped responding & I gave up. After this experience I will no longer get another WD NAS ever again, they are too complicated & not reliable.

Back to basic USB HDD or SSD.


Not sure why’d even used a NAS in the first place to run backups a few time every few moths. An external USB is so much more practical for that.

Why spend the extra money for a NAS when you don,t need it online to access it from multiple devices simultaneously.

if you verified that the power supply does have adequate power, then i would say your mother board is most likely dead.


Yes now it’s obvious a bad choice. Someone recommended to me back when I didn’t know much.

Point is they are unreliable.