DL2100 is waking up on every 30mins

My DL2100 is waking up on every 30mins. At first when i read from the net i thought it might be the old usb harddrive (link: wd elements) connected to the nas for backups, but it cant be it because i disconnected it to be sure. Then i disconnected another wd usb harddrive from the router, so it cannot be that either.

Installed apps (DL2100):
Antivirus (scheduled to run once a week)
Plex (library refresh on every 12 hours)

Installed apps (ios):
wd cloud (set to upload pics to the nas)
wd photos

And the router is the same as earlier (when the nas didnt woke up on every 30min).

what else could it be? It cant be caused by win10/osx either, because they were both turned off.

Edit. It may be Plex after all. I check what happens without the app…

My Dashboard shows 64 processes running on my DL2100. Every so often one or more “does it’s thing” and my unit blinks the HD lights, but I do not consider that a problem.

If you consider this a condition as “waking up” I think you may be overly concerned, but if the NAS starts the HDs off and running making a lot of disk noise and does it a lot, that possibly could be a problem.

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sorry i wrote it poorly, i mean disk spinning which starts on every 30min.

I think it is Plex media service, i turned it off now and need to keep the dl2100 in this state for awhile to see if it was Plex or not.

Nope it wasnt Plex media server. Disk spinning started again.

It is also affecting the usb storage attached to the nas - it also wakes up. and the interval is exactly 30 minutes…

NTP service? Turned it off now and checking.

I almost Have the same problem ,my DL4100 start making noise and works too hard on its own without me using PC or using plex ,and all 4 drives are working at the same time ,since i configured it JBOD its kinda strange.

I have DL4100 and I also have PleX like you,So my problem started a few days ago after i linked my DL4100 to my PC through Plex to watch movie and tv shows
the only reason i bought this was use it for Plex ,I use my PC as server i think and DL4100 as network storage.

as far as i know i have closed all remote and outside private network access to both my Plex and NAS

I am not very good at this stuff ,but i think Plex use DL4100 to read the media and send it to PC to be processed and then send the image to TV .

I could be wrong because i just bought it 2-3 day before linked it with plex so i don’t know much how it usually behaves

but some time it starts sending data to my PC and at full network capacity on it’s own ,without me using DL4100 or Using Plex to watch something storet on DL4100.
if i don’t turn it off it will continue to send 100s of Giga byte to some where or my PC , in fact at this time I can’t copy anything to the DL4100 because my home network bandwidth is full.

in Windows task manager ,Performance tab shows i am receiving huge amount of data.

I have LAN 1000 and wireless 600 and slow internet connection , in fact the amount of data send by DL4100 to god knows where is 100 times my internet contention bandwidth so i don’t think that some one stealing my Data or hacked me through internet.lets say i have 10mbs internet connection from my ISP but i am sending 500 mbs data through my private network

but it may be possible someone nearby hacked my WiFi however i couldn’t find any strange IP connected to my Wifi.

some one please for love of god solve this problem ,
at this point if you tell me My NAS DL4100 is is alive or possessed by a ghost i might believe you ( i have supernatural tv show stored in it so its possible)

Alright… i should have been smarter in the beginning and disconnected the nas from the router. It is something else than the nas itself or installed applications.

i was thinking them because they were only thing changed in the system. it wasnt Plex (well the service is off now anyway so i dont know if it may cause something too), either NTP or an usb storage attached to the nas. Now when the nas is disconnected from the router, disk spinning havent started on every 30min (i hope the interval havent changed! :D)

The reason is the router or devices connected to the router. Computers are off so they cant be the reason, and right now only ipad and iphone are connected to the router.

Does anyone know if there are some net processes in ios itself that may cause e.g. NASes to wake up on every 30minutes? (However i have same iphone/ipad as earlier too when the NAS didnt wake up all the time.)

im totally lost now… Nothing happens althought i plugged the nas back to the router. No disk spinning on every 30minutes like it was earlier…

edit. no way! im absolutely lost… totally… it has started doing it again.

i have probably found the reason that causes disks start spinning on every 30 minutes. i need to test it awhile… it may be wd2go server causing it. i blocked the communication between the nas and the wd server.

OK, try to determine if is a device on your network or the NAS is connecting to the internet and(and perhaps connecting to something there.)

Here is how I would do this on my system.
I have a gigabit network switch that only my DL2100, my Win 8 laptop and my router is connected to (via an Ethernet wall jack to router) If I disconnect the router input only, my PC and NAS are connected together and they can still access/transfer files between one another at gigabit speed. My network and internet are out of the picture.
If I plug router input back in, AND disconnect the internet signal into the router, only my home network is added back in. Depending upon what is happening, I can tell if only the PC is affecting the NAS, or if it is something coming from network or internet, with or without the internet connection present.

yeah, just testing it:

a) blocking all internet access
b) blocking only incoming and outgoing udp/tcp to the wd2go server

unfortunately this takes some time because the interval is exactly 30 minutes. and if i accidentally do something that starts the disk spinning, i have to wait another 30-60 minutes…

at this point im already pretty sure the issue is caused by wd2go server when the Cloud access is switched on.

i still need to check couple of things tomorrow.

Why are you using wd2go? That has been discontinued by WD, and why do you need the server on your system? Where is it installed?
I believe they suggested all users use the My Cloud app on mobiles and the My Cloud app for 'puters. I only use the My Cloud app on mobile devices, and not at all on my PC – what’s the point?

v[quote=“mike27oct, post:12, topic:144836, full:true”]
Why are you using wd2go? That has been discontinued by WD, and why do you need the server on your system? Where is it installed?
I believe they suggested all users use the My Cloud app on mobiles and the My Cloud app for 'puters. I only use the My Cloud app on mobile devices, and not at all on my PC – what’s the point?

Yes, Im using My cloud/My photo apps / wdsync (on a laptop) too on my devices.

I dont run any “wd2go server” on my nas, it is their server name where your nas is connected if you use Cloud access.

i dont know why this is causing that disks start spinning on every 30minutes but this may be reason for it. there might be also another, My Clouds apps may trigger the disk spinning too.

Edit. Got an answer from WD, it is the Cloud access which may cause this. I dont understand why just a pinning their server (/vice versa) wakes up disks. However i also found that MyCloud apps on ios devices is causing that too. When i deleted My cloud apps from my ipad/iphone, the disk spinning stopped.

Hey WD

what did you change with the new firmware? and how to fix it?

i got this annoying thing back. DL2100 goes on and off constantly.

Because i didnt change anything, it is your current FW 2.21.126 causing this. Please explain and how to fix it!

i cant stand it that DL2100 wakes up all the time on nights, disk start spinning etc.