DL2100 → implement drive without formatting it


got the NAS today and tried to implement two discs.
Problem, can not find a way to implement them, without loosing data.
It always warns me that all data gets lost

Is there any way to load a disk without deleting the data?
Cause I would like to use drives like discs,…


So you’re saying you’re using drives from some other non-DL2100 implementation and leave them As-is? No, that isn’t possible.

Yes, thats what I was looking for. Can I change drives after they have correctly implemented by DL2100?

May Plan:

  • Use one permanent backup drive
  • Use another one to backup the permanent drive weekly
  • and some drives to store media files like videos, etc.
    I would have some different media drives to change like a CD and once a week I use the backup drive to clone my permanent backup

cu s00n