DL2100 (DL4100, PR2100, PR4100) - died - how to do a complete restore


My DL2100 died on the last firmware update, I was left pondering how to get my data off the drives.

This solution worked for my RAID 1 configuration, should work for Raid 0, Raid 5, Raid 10 - for these boxes DL4100, PR2100, PR4100,as well.

Could potentially work for My Cloud as well - but I have not tested it.

  1. Take the drives out of the dead WD box

  2. Get powered SATA to USB adapters (2) and a multiport USB hub

  3. Download DMDE from https://dmde.com/ - the gui software is a bit cryptic, but it works…

  4. Plug in both drives to the USB hub (at the same time).

  5. Load up DMDE and find and select your drives

  6. Select your type of Raid configuration

  7. Allow the software to rebuild your filesystem

  8. Navigate your drive and find your files

  9. Download and confirm it works

  10. The paid software allows you to do a batch download - rather than one-by-one.

  11. Enjoy your data - again !

Hope this helps anyone, who like me found their box dead…

good luck

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