DL2100 concurrent user issues

Hi all,

Got a DL2100 I installed for an SME I support. They mostly use documents like any other company, but one of their requirements for their storage is for multiple users to be able to use a simple info/invoicing program which is an exe in a subfolder. (They’re in shipping insurance, and there are 7 of them in the office)

Up until now they’ve used a Windows server (which has been fine for multiple users to use this exe concurrently) but they’ve moved onto a NAS since it makes much more sense economically as they have no other server requirements. No db, not even print serving.

Problem is, it seems that no more than 3 people can be concurrently connected to this file/folder on the WD NAS.
It’s kind of a deal breaker. Without they cannot use this NAS and would need to go back to a Windows Server.
I’ve looked but can’t find any user limits within the config on the NAS.

Anyone got any thoughts?
Many thanks.

I’d recommend sending a detailed E-mail to WD Support about this:

Try to provide as much information as possible related to the limitations you are encountering and the specific number of users involved. They may contact you if additional information is needed.

Would be interesting to know what the solution to this problem is, if there is a solution. If it’s a simple Samba configuration tweak then on older WD NASs any Samba configuration changes would persist across reboots. Not so with the 2100EX/DL and 4100EX/DL.