DL 4100-6GB RAM good for small group of GIS users centrally?

What I haven’t seen on here are people inquiring about GIS (geographic information systems) handling capabilities. I posit that a 6 GB DL 4100 system (giving access to 8 TBs from RAID 10 (4x4TB drives)) will be highly fast and convenient for building maps and CAD layouts in ArcGIS and AutoCAD. We need a centralized location rather than local computers for our GIS data so everyone can access each other’s work and be more efficient. We have around 4-5 GIS licenses so nothing major, and 6 employees. Also, simultaneous use is likely to occur in the office or remotely in.

Also does 100MB/s office internet speed bottleneck the true transfer power of this device? We have a brand new modern router too.

Your Internet connection does not affect local (Direct) performance. What are the specifications of the router that will host the unit?

Hi Trancer, It is a Netgear Nighthawk AC 1900. So, are you saying that, if we are directly connected to the Nighthawk via ethernet cables and have Gigbit ethernet card and the My Cloud DL is connected to the same router (via ethernet, not USB 3.0), transfer rate is not bottlenecked by internet speed? What about wifi? Doesn’t that indeed have to piggyback off our internet speed? AC and N signals.