DIVX codec


I’m investigating for buying this Media Player… But I wasn’t able to find anywhere if this NMT can play files containing DIVX video… (OK for XVID but no information for DIVX).

Thanks for your help!


Hey Apache, welcome to the forums!

WD are deliberately vague on DivX as advertising support would necessitate some kind of license.

However, I have several AVI files that have video encoded with the DX50 codec that play just fine.

Not sure how recent that codec is though, so if you can link to any samples using newer DivX codecs, I’d be happy to download them and try them out.  :)

Hello PixelPower…

Thanks for your quick answer and your help…

In fact I’m evaluating this NMT before buying it, and  I don’t will be happy if I discover after the buy that it can’t read an usual codec as DIVX… (Of course I don’t want spend time to convert files).

One more time … Thanks!


Hey there.

I was wondering the same thing. But from the tv live hub reviews I read, it really doesn’t seem to be an issue. 

Like it’s said above, I think you can consider divx “supported”, but that it is for legal reasons that it’s not stated explicitly.