Distorted audio playback - WD Live hub

I have looked through some posts, but  they’ve all had some specific issue caused by an issue that didnt pertain to me, that Ive found anyways…

Anyways, Just after making some transfers to the live hub,  I tested out a few videos.  The first one I checked sounded as if my speakers had blown.  I then checked another vid to see if it was just a bad  file since everything always sounded great prior.  It also sounded crackley or like the speakers were blown.  I immediatly turned off the Live Hub and then changed inputs on the t.v. to check if my speakers ‘were’ actually blown.  Everything sounded perfect on everything else.  Turned on the WDLH and set it to listen to some music.  The crackling was still there. I tweaked with the very limited audio settings, unplugged the unit,  switched HDMI cables, and I havent used a single 3rd party website like Flinga, or Twonky… it still sounds bad. Most all files downloaded are 720p  or have high bitrates so its not the files.   Unit is fully  updated.

What could this be? What should I try next?

Try to see what type of sound codec the file uses. I have that type of problem when my plus plays OGG audio.

I wasn’t just on specific files… it was every file.  Strangely the problem seemed to have corrected itself after the unit being off over night.  Hopefully it stays that way and doesn’t come back, but there is definately a bug somewhere in there and it probably will. 

I have the same problem playing .mkv files; some are fine but many are distorted. I have an older Digital Sony Receiver and a Toshiba FP Plasma, running over an HDMI cable. Has anyone found a fix for this? I also have to set up the WD unit as playing STEREO, not Digital in order to get any audio at all. Frustrating.  Or can I convert the audio part of the file to something else?

Any help would be appreciated.


I’ve NEVER had any problems playing MKV, AVI, etc. files or with any codecs.  However, today for the first time in a couple of months I noticed there were NEW firmware updates.  After doing 3 firmware updates to the latest version, I now have distorted sound no matter what file I play. 

While there’s a slight difference between “Stereo” and “Digital” settings, they’re both still distorted sounding.

Have you tried resetting the unit by pressing the bottom button for about 4 seconds (no longer) with the unit on and fully booted up.