Dissappointed with my 3tb My Book Live


Ive just purchased a My Book Live 3TB,

i am actually dissappointed with this drive,

the installation went fine and initually everything seemed to work well,

i can log into the device by double clicking the device in my network ect,

i can add users and shares ect,

the big problem i am having is that unless everything is turned off on the drive it never goes to sleep,

the dirve is always active doing something when its actually doing nothing, when everything is turned off,

periodicly the device makes a scratching noise and upon entering sleep mode, it immediately comes back on,

but the second time, it does enter sleep mode and stays there for random (what seems like random) lenghs of time,

it wakes up for no apparent reason.

what concerns me is that when things are enabled on the drive, (wonkey, net sharing ect) why doesnt this drive go to sleep, also while these things are enabled the drive makes the scrathcing noises as well as a periodic “thumping” noise as well as the noise for lots of disk access, this does not seem normal as none of my other external drives make this noise, it actually makes my table vibrate.

can someone confirm this is the normal behaviour of the drive?

i have the latest software installed in the drive, it did that automaticly when i set it up.


*ALL* drives make noises.  


Thx for the reply,

my device makes a thumping and scratching noises, it is these noises im concerned about,

obvioulsy it makes the usual accessing noises, which is obvioulsy normal.

it concerns me also that it will not go to sleep when twonky and other things are enabled on the device.

although it does sleep with just ftp enabled, but it does wake up for no apparent reason.

I just received a new rma replacment for my drive that would not pass the self tests, and this new one is making the same noises you describe, a scratching noise every 35-40 seconds. I’m comparing to my old drive, that I knew was there but that thing never made a peep. I have a support request in but I am sure I will be sending this one back to them. I have to say that WD is great at the RMA process, only 4 days standard rma and I had a new drive at my door. I’ll post back to see what WD has to say about the noise issue.

Well that thumping noise got worse and I know that couldn’t be good thing mechanically, so frustrating.  So I RMA’d the unit and a new one is on its way to me. The unit passed all diagnostic tests with noise and all…I hope WD isent sending out these refurbished  bad drives that passed tests back to their customers. 

I am finding the same thing.  If anyone has ideas why, I’m interested!