Dissapointed with case

Hi all,
So i have to say i was super excited when i thought i would get a 6x6 pi drive enclosure. This would make my DIY NAS look like a finished product and fit in nicely with my office.
Imagine my surprise when i recieve the enclosure including a pack of 3 magnets and some washers.
After googling for a while it looks like i have to use superglue to attach the washers and magnets into the case myself and hope they stay put? Surely there is a better way of selling this product?
I was also hoping there would be some readily available decals in the box (like apple do when you buy their products) but alas nothing. I didnt even get instructions with my kit.

Somewhat dissapointed is a bit of an understatement. But i guess i paid my money and there is nothing i can do about it now.
Just wanted to give a heads up to others the product may be a bit less than you expected.

Hi Geoff, all,
I received my 6x6 yesterday and I was quite impressed. The idea to use magnets is quite ingenious, but having to use glue is admittedly not the best solution!
However, looking at the money I spent to find a decent case for my Pi3 alone, this is the best solution I came across yet. Very strong material and lookimg very good. Pi and Drive are fixed with screws, everything is very solid. somebody really did think about this design!
some critic: the cables are a bit short.

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Hi There is a problem with the box, usb connectors are inside and prevent insertion of usb stick. Also power cable connector is too short. Have to take off lid and unsrew pi to do any hardware related work, which you dont have to on an ordinary pi case. Suggest redesign of case pushing pi usbs and ethernet outside though slots and extending power cable to a external socket or at least outside of box, so you dont have to take lid off. Also on view of new pi3 b+ may have to consider a fan hole in case.