Displaying Metadata and Folder Structure

Ok, so I have had this for sometime and was using the custom metadata option. However, this was really due to the fact that the metadata didnt display at the top level, you had to go into the movie folder.

I have now discovered with the latest firmware, that when using this folder structure, Movie Title\Video_TS, the Live HUB will create Metadata in the Movie Title folder and it WILL display in the root movie folder. If I just use the Movie Title folder, it will not display in the root movie folder, only when I go into the Movie Title folder.

Now this is both weird and nice, all I need to do is put all my movies back into VIdeo_TS sub folders and Live does the rest, however it doesnt show the folder thumbnail this way. I already have a folder.jpg file but it seems to not work once the Live metadata thumb is in there.

My current structure is Master Folder (High Defeinition for ex)\Movie Title\Video_TS

With this structure the Live HUB will create the movie data for the movie and place it in the Movie Title folder, and when I am browsing the Master Folder, it displays the data paerfectly for each film 2 levels below, even the backdrops and everything display perfectly and quickly using this (this doesnt work without the VIdeo_TS folder). However it doesnt show the thumb.

I can remove the Video_TS folder again and the thumb will show however it no longer displays the Live metadata at the Master Folder level, I would have to go into erach movie folder.

Im not using any custom trickle method now, this is all using the metadata and xml created by the HUB itself when searching.

Anyone know if theres a way to make the thumb display with the Video_TS?

Anyone? Theres whole skins setup to achieve what a Video_TS folder achieves by itself, nobody know whether its possible to fix the thumbnail?

In all reality ill be switching to an XMBC server in the new house, its going to be a house wide system and much as the Hub has potential and its good things, its very much let down by firmware and other issues which prevent it being what I need for a bigger media system. Too many things have required too much messing around and digging of info. Ill probably use the media box for travel movies in the future. You would hope the do a series II and attempt to get right what they failed to do with the first. Transfer speeds need upping radically, firmware which is much more flexible, a better system for metadata and folder structuring and in general better info on what can be done with it. Still its been a good thing and I dont regret buying it, but theres no way these boxes will suit for a larger system.