Displaying album covers

This is what I am trying to do for my music files:

Top level, is ARTIST, and I would like to see a

Eric Clapton



Second level under each ARTIST is an ALBUM, and I would
like to see the album cover:



       Abbey Road

Third level (under the ALBUM) are the TRACKS in the album, and I would
still like to see the same album cover for each TRACK

Lynyrd Skynyrd

       All Time Greatest Hits

                        Sweet Home Alabama

                        Live Bird

Where do I put the .JPG files to do this, and how do I name them?

Thanks in advance.

OneWileyDog, perhaps the following article might be able to assist you in creating the configuration you desire.

Answer ID 2742: How to show thumbnails on a WD TV (all models)


This is the link CS pointed me to, but I had already read it and tried it. It does not work and IT SHOW NO EXAMPLES.  All I get is a thimbnail if I use the Folder view, not the Album view. Does anyone know how to fix this?