Displaying a picture when loading off a Flash Drive?

I have had a few media players/PVRs in my time.  In fact I have 3 at the moment - a DXtreme(MP and PVR), a Noontec(MP) and the WD TV Live Streaming.

Both my others allow you to put a picture file (jpg)  in  the root directory and when the USBs are connected will show the picture as a means of identitfying the USB/Flash Drive.  In fact you can have a movie file AND a jpg with the same name and the picture will be displayed as an icon for the movie.   :slight_smile:

Can this or something similiar be done on the WD TV Live Streaming?

yes, you can do that…

Just make sure to have the picture on the same folder as the movie file with the same name and it will display the jpg as the icon for the movie

It doesn’t work as simply and predictably as that I’m afraid   :frowning:

It seems to display the FIRST picture in the folder, NOT one with the same name  :frowning:

For example, I have a “Pictures” folder with thousands of pictures in it and the folder icon is from the first picture called “DSCF1001.JPG”.

So I suppose you have to put each movie in its’ own folder with its picture…


This is the Movie

…This is the Movie.avi

…This is the Movie.jpg

I will play with this and confirm my suspicions   :slight_smile: