Display password rules before creation

When creating a password on the cloud website, it would be a GOOD idea of displaying passwords rules CLEARLY before any attempt.

It is a poor password policy creation of displaying rules after first password rejection. 

For what I read , the password needed at least:

  • An uppercase letter

  • A digit

  • A non alpha numeric character.

But also this rules are unclear. Are the three rules mandatory? (or 2 of 3?)

passwords like ‘abcdefghi3$’ failed (they have a digit and a non alpha numeric character)

because what the rules trying to say are (or I think they’re trying to say)

  • An uppercase letter AND (A digit  OR A non alpha numeric character)

Which I couldn’t figure it out in the second and third attempt.

As an example, a password like Abcdefghi0 is accepted (however it doesn’t have a non-alpha character).

After 4 o 5 attempt I was able to create a password. I guess displaying the proper rules before creating any password would make me create one in the FIRST logical attempt. Or at least I’ll try.

Thank you.

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