Display of share size

Can someone explain how to find the size of individual shares? The startup allows sorting by size but doesn’t show size, either of shares or files inside shares!

See the My Cloud Dashboard > Shares page and select a Share. Then you can see the “Usage” total for each Share.

Edit: Not sure what you are referring to with; “The startup allows sorting by size …” What model and firmware version of My Cloud do you have?

Thank you Bennor! I see the share usage you mean, but have 12 folders in one of them and would like to see size of each to make sure it matches folders as I upload them and try to keep them size-balanced.

Making each of the 12 folders into its own share seems overly burdensome since I’d have to use my PW to access each one rather than seeing the entire share group after one entry.

By sorting I meant the heading “size” on each share’s home page. Clicking it makes share folders sort high to low or low to high without displaying size.

Help finding folder size?

The single bay My Cloud Dashboard does not break out the size of the individual folders within the main Share. You can use a file manager like Widows File Explorer to right click on each folder within a Share and select Properties, from there see the size of the folder.

There are probably a variety of software programs that will display the folder sizes on an NAS drive like the My Cloud.

I should have included that I have a Mac. Using your idea of a file manager, I went through Finder >Go>Connect to Server to get at the folders so they appear as on the Mac with sizes. Thank you Bennor!