Display animated gifs?

Is the hub not capable of animating gifs?    

Or am I missing something somewhere? 

From the manual:

Supported Image File Formats

  • GIF (Animated GIFs are not supported)
  • BMP (non-compressed)
  • JPEG (grayscale, RGB, YCbCy) (does not support CMYK or YCCK) 
  • TIF/TIFF (RGB) (does not support CMYK, YMC, YMCK, or KCMY)
  • PNG (Non-alpha channel only

So, no… 

Which begs the question, why not?  


Which should never be a worthy answer to anyone over the age of 2 or 3…  

It’s not like animating gifs is a Herculean task.  

How would WE know why?

The answer would be the same to “Why doesn’t it display TARGA, or JFIF, or PGA files, or …”

It just wasn’t designed to do so.

Maybe it aught to be  

… Well you could add it to the IDEAS lab and see how many votes come in for that…  

There are tons of ‘ideas’ there that I’m not convinced anybody even reads, nevermind votes for.

I’ve added it to the Ideas forum…   But man oh man, I sure hope that votes alone is not the only, or even the major, deciding factor of what ideas get considered and which ones don’t…  

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