Disown hard with laptop

I have bought a ‘ my passport essential SE ‘ hard, but I have a problem with it and that is my laptop doesn’t recognize it.i only have the main space of the hard in hard disk drive part and ‘ device with removable storage ‘ in ‘ my computer ‘  doesn’t recognize the hard. Whenever I want to update ‘ fireware ‘ , encountered by this message : ‘ please insert a wd smart device to continue ‘.

I would be appreciated if anyone helping me how to recognize the hard to laptop. My operating system is 32 bit vista.

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Look at the post at the top of this section. It maybe a power issue.


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Dear Joe.

i don’t know what you mean by ’ the post at the top of this section '.would you please put the link here?

 Try this http://community.wdc.com/t5/My-Passport-for-PC/How-to-eliminate-potential-problems-on-USB-Powered-Drives-and/td-p/118262


I am happy… :neutral_face: