Dismounting Files?

I used my WD passport on a windows computer and now I need to use it on my macbook air. There doesn’t appear to be any files on the drive when I search for them. When I try to install the software an error message appears saying that there is a file that cannot be dismounted and it shuts down the install. The same thing happens when I go through Time Machine or when I try and erase anything that might really be on the drive. Help?


Before erasing the drive, make sure the files are still on the drive

when setting up time machine you will be prompted to erase the drive and doing so will destroy the data

if you do want to erase, make sure no file is opened prior to formatting, you can restart the computer and then go to disk utility and partition the drive

If the hard drive is formatted on NTFS for Windows computers, it wont work on Macs.