Disks are not mounted!

Hi all,

I have the My Book Wolrd Edition 2T (wiht Stripe/RAID0 configured. )

In the past few days I can not access the shared folders in the disk.

When I connect from the Web Interface i get in every page the following error:

Warning: is_dir(): Stat failed for /DataVolume/_torrent_ (errno=5 - Input/output error) in /proto/SxM_webui/ctcs/ctcsconfig.inc on line 24

When I tryied from a windows explorer in *\* I can see the folders (e.g Public etc) but I can not access them.

I tried several reboots/resets and sometimes and for some minutes I could access the folders only in read only mode.

My biggest problem is that I want the data ASAP… :frowning:

PS: I have the box only for 6 months so it is still in warranty.

Does anyone faced same or similar  issues ??

It sounds like something may be wrong with one or both of your drives. Because you had it striped if either drive goes you lose access to both. Try having it rebuild the array, than load your backups (of the files you currently have on the drive) onto the drive again and see if you can still access the data.

EDIT: Rebuilding the array will cause you to lose any data not currently backed up that you have stored on the NAS.

I have a question for you. Does your drive brings 2 drives inside of the enclosure or just 1 ?