Diskless NAS compatible with My Book 4TB drive?


I have a 4TB My Book drive that is about 3 years old (Model# WDBFJK0040HBK). Did WD make any diskless NAS devices that are compatible with it?

I’ve tried searching WD’s support site, but I couldn’t find info, so now I’m sure that’s because I’m not looking in the right places or because my model is not compatible with any WD diskless NAS.

If someone know a 3rd party NAS that will work with it, that would be great as well.



Explain this mo better
You have an unknown drive in an enclosure and you want to remove it from the enclosure and put it in a NAS?

3 years old I would get a new drive if my data was important


I’m confused when you say “unknown drive”. I give manufacturer, make and model. What additional info am I leaving out?

I confess to being a newbie about NAS devices, but I assumed that a compatible drive would just slide/plug in. Are you saying that I need to take my My Book apart? I find that surprising.


your my book plugs into the computer with a usb cable correct?
It is an internal hard drive that is in a plastic case with hardware and software to allow it to talk to your computer

A NAS is a multi bay device that does the same functions except it connects to the network with a cat5 cable

So what you do not really know is the model number of the drive in your case.

Just search for internal hard drive on google and you will see what goes in a nas as well as what is inside your enclosure