Disk works but constantly accessing even when idle

I own a My Book Essential 3TB. It works just fine so far on two different computers (one Linux, one Win7) and has normal transfer rates. However when the disk is idle, it still sounds like it’s constantly accessed - doesn’t sound like “click of death” clicking to me though.

I recently upgraded the firmware of the disk, this stopped for a while afterwards but started again soon afterwards.

Auto-spindown is set to 15 min and works fine.

any tips?

Check if you have any program that might be trying to access the my book. You can also check if the front light, it should be blinking if data is being transferred.

I did and nothing was accessing the drive, this also was supported by the fact that it actually turned off after the configured idle time.

I did a surface check and a forced reflash of the firmware which didn’t help immediately but after a while the access noise happened less frequent and now it’s silent when idle again.

Looks better but doesn’t exactly feel good. Maybe it’s about to die, maybe not?