Disk volume not bein recognized

hello, i have a 1TB HDD that sometimes, and randomly, the pc does not detect the drive volume, the disk is detected, but you have no access to it, you see it in “This pc” but you cant either access it or see the size of it, you can actually hear the reading arm going to the side like when it shuts down, but it keeps spinning, and when you shut the pc down you can hear the spinoff of the disk ,this only happens on startup and randomly, does anyone know anything about why this might happen? the pc is brand new basically has 4 moths of use, so is the disk, support said that the disk is fine based on screenshots i given them of the SMART wich is clean, could it be windows? motherboard? i hope anyone knows about this

Hi @matinguero,

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting: