Disk verification under RAID 1

Just purchased a G-Raid with Thunderbolt and have configured it RAID level 1. Is there a way I can verify the RAID is performing as expected? Is there a visual indicator somewhere that alerts me if one of the two drives is failing? Thanks.

The fact that it mounts and shows half the capacity is proof it is working. If a drive fails then you will get a red light on the front of the unit. If you open the door one of the drives will have a red light denoting which one as failed. The configurator used for creating RAID1 is also where you do rebuilds or check health.

Thank you!

I want to understand the problem and Rydia’s reply here. My 8TB Thunderbolt G-Raid drive, formatted 01, used to show both 4TB disks on my iMac desktop and in the Mac disk utility and elsewhere. Recently, only one disk shows everywhere and I can’t tell which one. There are no red lights. I just want to be sure a second drive is actually duplicating the first one. In the Configurator it says “Protected - RAID 1, Capacity 4 TB, Online, and then Disks: 1, 2”. But I don’t understand why the disk image that once appeared on my desktop, in the disk utility, and in the System report doesn’t show up now? Is this possibly a Mac system upgrade to Mojave 10.14.1? My finder is set to show all disks. Really, I’m just looking assurance that I actually have a backup.

If you are in RAID 1 you should only see one drive and it will appear as 4TB. Raid 0 will show 2 drives, each 4 TB.

If you open the front panel of your raid unit you should see both drive lights on when copying to the drive.

Thanks Curtis. I may have been remembering the two drives from when I first turned it on, before setting it to RAID 1.