Disk Utility won't let me make a disk image on Passport Studio

I wanted to create a password-protected 498 GB disk image on a new 500 GB external hard drive. So I successfully created the disk image but I forgot to ask for encryption so the new disk image is unprotected. Realizing this, I erased the drive to start over and the “info” says 498 GB free. But when I try to create a new disk image, Disk Utility keeps saying “cannot create disk image - not enough room.”  What can I do?

What did you make the image with? Acronis can have problems if you delete the image manually instead of from the program. 498 G on a 500 HD  could also be the problem you should have some free space 10-15 percent. Try reformatting the drive.


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I tried a smaller disk image size and it worked. Thank you!