Disk utility can't fix WD Passport wireless

After 3 hours of troubleshooting this am and not being able to get the drive to even mount, I finally got the firmware updated. Next, Disk Utility finally recognized drive but first aid says can’t repair disc. Reformat. I beleive these drives have to be reformatted as FAT to work wirelessly? Is there anything specific I have to do becasue the drive is wirless? Have refromatted a million drives…but never a non-mac extended drive. WD Drive utilities does not see the drive…so can’t run that. Weird.



Have also tried to run diagnostics through browser but it won’t go past 5 %…


Have you tried resetting the drive?

see if this helps

That’s the first thing I did.
After another 3 hours I was able to get disk first aid to erase and reformat.