Disk Space Issues (Still)

I am using an EX2 Ultra with 5.17.107. It reports 1.87 TB free (Raid 1) but it will not let me copy files to it from my windows machine over the network. It give me an “insufficient disk space” error after just a few files. I have been battling this since OS5 came out and have even done a warranty return of the device with WD for a new one which also has the issue. Has anyone come across this? I am pretty desperate because I use this method to backup files. Thanks!


Please refer to this KB article: My Cloud OS 5: Disk Space Not Available or Free After Deleting Content

Thanks for the suggestion. I followed the steps and it shows that there is plenty of space on my shares. I also, I have not deleted any large amounts of files since owning the drive so I did not think it was that though I checked anyway. Any other reason why a copy would say insufficient disk space when there clearly is? Thank you!