Disk size upgrade in My Book Studio II

Looking for experience users who have done this procedure.

Briefly, I have a 2TB My Book Studio (2x 1TB disks) that I use as a mirrored array with effective size of 1 TB, attached to a Mac mini. I am almost out of space, and would like to replace the disks with 2 TB ones in my old enclosure, copying all the data from my old disks onto the new ones to end up with a 2 TB mirrored array and two spare 1 TB bare drives as backups. My old hard disks were caviar green, and the replacements I ordered are also caviar green, but 2 TB each.

How do I proceed? Can the copying be done by replacing 1 TB drives one at a time in the enclosure, or do I need an additional 1 TB drive to back up my array before I insert  2  TB disks into the enclosure?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t think you can change the drives I think they are tied to the control board.


Joe_S wrote:

I don’t think you can change the drives I think they are tied to the control board.


Joe, thanks for your input. Why did they make the drive bays accessible for swapping, then?

Good thing I don’t take advice here on faith. Led by some posted experiences elsewhere, I did replace 1TB disks with 2TB one of the same type (green caviar), and voila, it all works fine. In other words, the enclosure is not specific to drive size, as the previous poster suggested.

How did you procede?  Currently I am in mirrored mode and Ideally I would replace one drive and it would clone data to the new drive and then when I replace the second drive it would clone to new total drive space of double the original. 

Other option would be to replace both at same time, format as mirrored, and then have to copy data back.  Not sure if HDD’s are formatted as standard NTFS in enclosure or another format type which cannot be read by directly connecting to desktop so may have to do three steps (copy data to yet another disk, replace disks, copy back to new mirrored array).

I’m trying to find out what my Studio II will upgrade to also. WD support told me the software was drive specific which is bull. I have the older one that is without the eSATA and only 500 GB drives. I’d like to put 2 TB drives in it. Anyone with any experience with that one?