Disk Size Problem


          everyone  , I’ve a WD10EADS 1.0 TB Hard Drive Purchased A Year Ago , I’ve A Problem In This Drive That In Bios The Drive Shows But With “Unknow Model Number & 0 MB Size” … & i can’t access the Hard Drive … This Hard Drive Is Installed In A Linux OS with ext3 partition & for Data Backup Purpose Only . This Hard Drive Is Installed In Dell GX-620 System… Now I Badly Want To Access That Data & Back It Up From This Hard Drive , How Can I Do This ? Please Anyone Here Knows The Problem/Solution For This , Please Reply Because The Data Is Very Important To Me . Thanks

                 Zubair Akbar Moghal

                 Network Administrator

ISTM that your drive may have a media or head fault. :frowning:

When your drive powers up, it attempts to load its firmware from a hidden System Area on the platters. If it is unable to do so, then it powers up in safe mode with 0GB capacity.

One thing you could try is to gently remove any oxide from the preamp connections at J1 on the component side of the PCB:

BTW, does your drive spin up?


           Yes the drive spins up & one more thing it shows me before BIOS "error auto-sensing hard disk secondary drive 0 , i’ve changed the SATA & Power Cables even i’ve changed the system too. If i replace the PCB Card of the same Hard Drive Model , does this helps ? or any other way for data recovery . i really badly want my data back . please help

ISTM that your drive is beyond DIY repair. You probably need a professional data recovery service. :frowning:

I doubt that the problem is in the PCB. In any case, replacing the PCB will probably not work. This is because the MCU chip at location U5 contains unique drive specific calibration data. You need to transfer these data from patient to donor.


           fzabkar , what if i replace the PCB with the same Model & Of same PCB Card Number . ? does this helps ? is there any Western Digital Data Recovery Services Provided In Pakistan ?

You would need to be very lucky with a board swap.

I don’t know of any data recovery service in Pakistan, but if India is OK for you, try Amarbir S Dhillon at www.chandigarhdatarecovery.com