Disk order in Sentinel DX4000


Our old DX4000 failed after powering it down for a server room move, on powering it back up the device was dead. We had 4x 2TB drives in an unknown RAID configuration, we suspect it to be RAID5 but cannot be certain. The data on the NAS wasn’t backed up, as it transpires it’s data that we need. We have bought a second hand DX4000 with the intention to insert the drives from the failed device into it to get access to the data. When the drives were removed, their physical location and order within the DX4000 was not documented so we cannot guarantee that when we install the drives into the replacement DX4000 in the same order. My concerns/questions are:

  1. Does drive order matter, and if it does what is the process to add the drives when the correct drive order is unknown and the data cannot be lost?
  2. Will drives from one DX4000 work in another DX4000, both model numbers are identical?

Original DX4000, model number WDBLGT0040KBK-21,
New DX4000, module number WDBLGT0040KBK-21,

Any guidance is greatly appreciated.


4 drives would be a raid 5
I am going to go out on a limb and say that the order does not matter and or I do not know how you could tell, so what options do you have.

As long as the box is dead moving to another box should work fine. But if it did not boot because the drives/OS is corrupt, a new box will be no help

All that said, if you did not have a backup and need the data you might first look at raid recovery software first. something like

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