Disk not ejected properly

I hope someone can help me out. I have a Wester Digital My Book Essential external drive hooked up to my iMac. I had been moving files around and all of the sudden it keeps giving me the disk not ejected properly error. I have changed cables, rebooted my system. Gone in under finder preferences and made sure that my external drive was set to show up. I have tried to use my disk utility. It will see it for a moment and then give me that error. I even tried hooking it up to a pc laptop and it will not read or write to it but it does see that there is a external drive out there. And it stays connected via my laptop just not my iMac. I hope someone can help me. I have files on there that I can not lose. I do not want to reformat this drive.

Hi, please let know if your drive is showed in Disk Utility as greyed out?
You have chances of data recovery when the drive is still visible in the Disk Utility.
You can try the demo of Stellar Data Recovery software to know how much files you can retrieve. Check the webpage to know more.

Have you try connection the drive to a different port on your iMac? If it is still an issue using different port then use can try a free software for PC “Windows” something like HFS for Windows. That software allow your to see your drive from a PC and able to grab to files from the drive.

I would suggest using different port, if not buy a USB HUB for the Mac. Mac tend to disconnect device if it trying to draw too much power or not able to read it.

Here is something to read

No, it is not greyed out.

I have tried different ports and with different hubs and still no go.

Then I would suggest using a free software for PC “Windows” something like HFS for Windows software. That software allow you to see your drive from a PC and able to grab those files from the drive

It’s a good trying by following with the steps to fix the external hard drive now showing up on Mac., good luck.