Disk "manager" do anything..?

Does disk manager actually do anything apart from give some brief info about the data on the disk…??

Is this the same as the Hub…?

It’d be nice if it could actually run some diagnostics about the disk (S.M.A.RT. data ,etc.)

instead of having to run over to a PC to check the disk. I’ve needed to do  this to check some issues.

I can understand them (WDTV) being wary about giving access to “low-level” disk operations to the average

consumer,but passive reporting of disk data wouldn’t be that diffcult/dangerous.This can’t be that difficult

for whatever version of Linux that drives this box.

Disk Manager also allow you to format and few others basic functions.

Now, in the WD TV Live Hub, well, you can format the drive, but that it, any diagnostic, you will need to do it through a computer.

On the HUB, the Disk Manager allows me to format the INTERNAL drive, but on both the SMP / Hub, it doesn’t allow the formatting of USB disks.

On the WDTV SMP,how do you access those functions…

I can’t seem to find the key combination that does that…