Disk is running but Windows showing nothing

Hi, I have a problem, after 1 year of using WD my passport essential se usb 3.0, HDD suddenly stops working :(. If i connect it to usb port, hdd starts running, but dioda is not shining and windows dont recognize any connected device :frowning:

i think i could be some hardware glitch, but i there any way how to save my data?


I have the same problem, and apparently so do many other people on the discussions forum. My drive was running perfectly fine until one fine day windows refused to recogonize it. It would show up in the device manager as “disk”, but no where else. But the weird thing was that as soon as I disconnect it  a message would pop up asking me to format the drive before I can use it. It worked on Mac, for a while, but no longer. Mac doens’t even show it under the USB controller hub. Windows shows it under the USB controller hub as unrecogonized device. To top things off the drive is a directly USB 3 controlled drive, so that means that one can’t just open the case, remove the drive, connect it via SATA and backup all the data.