Disk inserted not readable by this computer

Hi I have seen many posts on this subject but none have helped me with my problem the drive is a my book 3 t/b and it is connected to my imac which is a few months old running mavricks osx ver 10.9.4  it always asks me on startup to ignore or eject

I have changed the usb lead and  reformatted the drive many times once I have aceipted the ignore option it works ok also in the wd program smartware it doesn’t show the drive but I have other wd drives connected which all work ok and show in smartware can anyone please help me

thanks bj


To make sure that you don’t have a defective unit, Have you tried using the drive on a different computer Mac or PC?

Hi many thanks for your reply I have tried it on a win 7 pc and tried to reformat the drive but there is a partition on the drive called cd drive with 200 mb and called EFI system which I can not do anything with can’t remove it or format it could it be something on this partition

many thanks