Disk Initializing Wizard won't appear, disk will not initialize- help!

I’ve been working on this for four hours. I finally got My WD My Book Studio Editions II to be recognized on my computer. I had a few issues with my WD Drive Manager being in my Tray. Now that it’s there, it’s blinking light blue on dark blue at me.

The User Manual says to Right Click on the Manager, bring up my RAID Manager, click on my Device, right click to bring up my Disk Management Tool which will then start my Disk Initialization Wizard automatically.

It didn’t. I went through the FAQ and it said that if I had more than one blank disk I should make sure the checkmark was in for the new My Book and go from there.

My question is, go from where? How do I get past this? I’ve done everything from uninstalling everything and reinstalling everything to clicking on every button in the Disk Management. I simply cannot get my Wizard to function.

My Drive Manager tells me that my RAID setting is RAID 0 - Healthy.

This was a present for Christmas, I just got it yesterday (Dec. 27th). I would hate to have to tell my parents that I can’t get it working. Please help.

In disk management did you try delete volume? Did you check the downloads for Windows related things http://support.wdc.com/product/download.asp?wdc_lang=en&fid=wdsfMyBook_Studio