Disk icon change

I installed the WD macintosh +turbo drivers v1.3.7, the latest to update my book firewire HD and after rebooting, the disk icon on the desktop changed and I do not desire the new look, I like to have the original disk icon. Whatever external HD I attach also has this new look. How can I return to the original plain or generic icon?

Hi there,

It seems like the icon does not go unless you uninstall the turbo drivers, check this old thread to see if you can fund the answer to your issue here, its an old post but i hope it helps:

Yes that works. I downloaded from the WD site and ran it, saw the remove button and its history. I’m getting ready to upgrade to El Capitan, we’ll see how things work. One thing I discovered should I want to reload the HD software is that if you select the HD on your desktop and get info, at the top of the get info box is the HD name with an icon in front of it. Select the icon and you can paste any image you want over the WD icon. Even a look-alike of the default icon. You have to do for each WD HD you have and it remembers the image. Thank you everyone!