Disk Full - How to stop the red LED from flashing?

I Just received this Message:

11/10 23:14:04 [Volume Used] Data Volume ‘DataVolume’ has reached 95% capacity!

At the same time a red LED starts flashing in front of My  WD ShareSpace.

So I logged in to the Webinterface and  clicked the “acknowledge” button on the Web Interface.

It’s OK to me that I have reached the Max. Capacity of the ShareSpace.
I don’t want to put more Data on it. ( I want  to  “read only”  from the drive now)

But the flashing red LED makes me crazy!

And furthermore I will not see if there is any other problem by just watching the LEDs.
Because the red LED is flashing all the time.


Is there a way to stop the LED from flashing just because the disc is full?

It would be nice if the LED will still flash if any other errors occur.

WD Sharespace
Firmware Version         2.3.01 with MioNet ,  built on Thu, 01 Sep 2011 18:29:59
DataVolume Usage      99%  Free space: 69.20 GB
DataVolume RAID Type     Raid 5

The answer to your question is: No

I had the same problem, contacted the WD support and they told me that the LED won’t stop flashing until you free up some space or extend the space.

I did the latter:

  1. Full backup

  2. Buying 2 extra drives

  3. Total reset of the box => which created a RAID-5

  4. Restore the backup


Well, you can turn off the LED light, but this will also prevent the drive to flash if there is another issue.


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