Disk formatting and user areas

For reasons which are not relevant now, the Administrator of the My Cloud where I had a share, had to format the corresponding WD disk via the dashboard. The procedure took some 10 hours to complete and the disk became empty of data. The users - me included -, however, as expected, were still visible in the Administrator dashboard. However, when I accessed the system with my registered e-mail/password, I saw only an empty Public share. My own share was not visible. Obviously, I had expected to to see it there together with the Public, although I knew that it would be empty of the data I had stored there. But no, my share was not there for me to start filling again with data. What happened? What can the Administrator do in the dashboard so that I can see my share again when I access the system? Any suggestions would be most welcome.

@Jorge_Oliveira The My Cloud Home does not have a Dashboard. You need to figure out which device the owner owns and post in the correct sub-forum.

Ye, cat0w, my mistake, in my post above I meant My Cloud. I’ll post my question in the correct sub-forum right now.