Disk formating and user shares

For reasons which are not relevant now, the Administrator of the WD My Cloud where I had a share, had to format the corresponding WD disk via the dashboard. The procedure took some 10 hours to complete and the disk became empty of data but the users - me included -, as expected, were still visible in the Administrator dashboard. However, when I accessed the system with my WD registered e-mail/password, I saw only an empty Public share. My own share was not visible. Obviously, I had expected to see it there together with the Public, although I knew that it would be empty. But no, my share was not there. What might have happened and what can the Administrator do in the dashboard so that I can see my share again when I access the system? Any suggestions would be most welcome.

What happens if you sign into files.mycloud.com ?

After the formatting of the disk, when I accessed the system at files.mycloud.com and logged in with my WD registered e-mail/password, I was given access only to the Public area in the system.
Trying to overcome the problem, the Administrator created another share for me using the same First/Last name and e-mail address of my old share (which was not deleted). Upon this I could see the Public area plus the newly created share andI think I could use this new share to store my data. However I thought that this was not the proper way to do things, I really wanted my old name back, so I told the Administrator to delete this newly created share, which he did. Upon this, when I now access the system I get a message saying that no device is available (“Nenhum dispositivo disponível”, in Portuguese) and that I should contact the owner of the My Cloud device (a 4T WD disk, in the present case) or its Administrator. Funny enough, when I now access the system via my iPhone app, I see not only the Public area (as before), but also the newly created share (but now deleted!) where, apparently, I can do all sorts of operations (creating a new folder, for instance). Very odd, indeed…