Disk diagnostics software for ASUS

I have an ASUS X44L laptop pc, and I keep getting the error message that the D-drive is full. Someone suggested downloading a disk diagnostics program from the wd download site, but I don’t know which one to download. Can someone help me?

Hi yes you can get the WD data lifeguard for windows program here.  http://support.wdc.com/product/download.asp?groupid=702&lang=en  . The D drive is most likely the recovery partition and you have a program trying to backup to it or a program has saved some files to it and it has become full. If it is the recovery partition it would only be 12 or so gig in size. You would have to go to the control panel then folders under the view tab change it to show hidden files folders or drives then you could see the recovery partition and see what type of files have been  going on it. Do Not delete any files from there unless you are sure you know what program has been putting extra files in there. 

Thanks for the suggestion. I dowloaded that program and it scanned the physical drive but didn’t come up with anything. It had the d-drive listed as one of the drives, but it wouldn’t let me highlight it - I could only run a scan on the physical drive. 

I tried enabling the viewing of hidden files. Here is what the ImageBackup revealed after I did. Does this give any clue as to what the problem is (a know very little about this sort of thing) :

Hi I can not see the picture try to upload it again. Also go back to the folders view tab and uncheck hide extensions for known file types this will show the last 3 letters after the file name that way I can tell what files they are. Before you take the screen shot.

I went back and unchecked hide extensions. I took screen shots of the d-drive and imageback properties.I hope they’re visible this time but I’m not sure if they provide any useful info.

s. Hopefully they are visible this time.

Hi OK it seems that windows backup is using that drive to try and backup files you need to go to windows backup and change the drive it is using. Now what I need to see is a screen shot of the d drive open. So in that picture you would click computer then click the d drive once the computer opens and shows you the drives. The D drive should be your Asus recovery partition and not have any other files on it. Also make sure you have used the asus recovery cd creator to write your recovery to dvds. I have come back to edit this because I can not stress enough how important it is for you to have the recovery written to dvd’s

I’m a bit confused - the top image is what was displayed when I clicked on the D-drive in the Computer window. So should I take it that some of the things listed shouldn’t be there? The Output Folder has always been there, but not sure about the others.

Also, you wouldn’t happen to have a link for downloading the asus recovery cd creator? I ran a search for it and found alot of similar things but nothing called exactly that. I just want to be sure I download the right thing.

I appreciate your help with this.

Hi yes OK we need to get the recovery disk’s made. If you look under all programs you should see a asus or tools folder under one of those folders it will have the recovery disk creation program you do not need to download it as it is already on your pc. Now I have not done a asus pc in a bit but this is what they say. 1. Double-click the AI Recovery Burner icon on the Window desktop I don’t know if that is there but look for it. How old is the pc and does it have windows 8 on it and what is the model number. If it has windows 8 you may need a 16 gb USB flash drive to make the recovery.

Well I’m not sure what I did, but somehow I managed to delete the backup files which were saved on the D-drive and now it seems to have plenty of space. Glad you recognized the problem. If you think it’s essential for me to make a back-up recover dvd I guess I could still do that.

Thanks again.

Hi glad you got it sorted. The recovery DVD’s are your copy of windows if your hard drive stop’s working and you have to change it if you do not have those recovery DVD’s you will need to contact asus and buy the recovery disk’s or go buy a copy of windows so yes very important.