Disk Diagnostic reaching 90% and stalling

I’m trying to change my JBOD disk settings to RAID 1, I have two 6TB Reds installed, however the disk diagnostic reaches up to 90% for the drive in slot 1 and stays there until the dashboard times out and I have to log in again. Under the Settings > Utilities, on the dashboard it is telling me the Test in process with no visible movement of the bar past that 90% marker.

I have found solutions for MyCloud which states that turning off Remote Access will sometimes fix it. In my case Remote Access was already Off and I’ve done a couple System Resets to see if that solution will fix it.

Prior to deciding to switch to RAID 1, both disks appear to be in Good working order in the Disk Status screen.

Is there a solution to this for the EX4?

Hi there,

This is when you do a diagnostic on the drive or when you try to change the raid setting on the unit? If this happens when you change the raid then i recommend going right away to the utility section and doing a diagnostic on the drive.

Both. This happens when I’m trying to channge the raid setting on the drive. Both are currently JBOD but I want to switch to Raid 1. Slot 1 drive stalls at 90% until the dashboard times out and logs me out.

When I log back in and check under the Utility section, the drive is still in the process of doing a disk diagnostic check until the dashboard times out and logs me out or I cancel it after 20 minutes of no visible movement to completion.

It’s essentially preventing me from actually formating the drives to switch to anything other than leaving the disks as JBODs.

If I wanted JBODs, I would have bought a HD enclosure.