Disk damage

Few days ago my my book live duo 3tb fall dawn and is no working anymore, i would like you help me about the model of disk to buy  and reinstall the initial software, or just buying the disk and installint it will work as the first use?, thans so much for your help.

If BOTH disks are damaged, then you’re out of luck without manually doing the full system installation yourself.

If ONE disk is still functioning, the device should repair itself.

I guess my mbld just have one disk, is 3 tb, and i was thinking to buy a new disk and install it, and i will like some help to give me the intrucctions what kinf od disk to buy and how to intall all software is has for the initial configuration like when you open it from the package.

Gabo_Pacheco wrote:

I guess my mbld just have one disk, is 3 tb.

All My Book Live Duos have TWO disks.   I’m not sure what you’ve got…

Im sorry is 3tb my book live,  

sorry my device is WD my book live 3TB there is no solution???