Disk controller fried, replacable?

Last week I replaced my modular 650 watt PSU by a 750 watt psu. I missed a cable for 4 x sata and i used the molex cable with a two way sata splitter. I hooked up my 4 drives and when I switched on my machine, smoke started coming out of my machine. Pulled the plug and I found that two of my WD WD30EFRX 3.0 TB drives did not work anymore. Took them out and one had its controller complete burned to pieces. It also burned the top of the other disk and when I removed that controller, a small black spot was showing on the foam cover underneath the controller. So my guess is BOTH controller are fried. I hope that I at least can order one controller, so I can see if the disks still work, so I can save my data.
Is it possible to order a single controller card or not and if so where can I order them.