Disk Cleaner advice

I just bought and have up and running my EX4100. Love it.

Previously I had a system of backing up by copying my C drive to hard drives and wrapping them in aluminum foil with a paper documenting what they were.

I have successfully transfered their contents to my EX4100. I would like to erase these hard drives (not merely delete files) and I am somewhat overwhelmed by the choices to do this.

Also, I am thinking that probably as I get more and more into managing my files as I have more and more of them, I might need other drive utilities.

So my questions are this.

  1. What is a good piece of software to clean a disk?

  2. Should I get some type of drive utility that has as one of its features drive erasure? I ask this question since I am suspecting that I will likely discover I need some other feature and I don’t want to end up with a lot of little sofware programs that do one thing.

  3. What software would also erase thumb drives?

I have decided that CCleaner isn’t an option since it had an episode with malware being in the product. Also, there was a scandal about the software reporting user information back to the company.

Thanks for what help you can give.

Hi Tetrahedron,

First, Format Disk is a feature available in dashboard of My Cloud to format or erase the data of My Cloud drives. Second, you can connect each drive with computer directly and use Data Lifeguard Diagnostic tool to do a low level format which completely erase the data.