Disk activtiy lights have been flashing for more than 12 hours with no users or backups

I have a WD My Clo0ud Mirror with two 2TB disks in a  Raid 1 confiration.  I typicall access the device via Windows 7, iPad and iPhone.    The two disk lights (1 and 2) have been blinking for at least the last 12 hours.   I am concerned about unauthorized access and/or impacted device performance.  Duing this period all approved devices have been powered off periodically.  There are no backup jobs configured on the device.  I have also powered off and then on the device.   How do I tell what activity on the device is occuring?  Should I be concerned?

It depends a bit on what servers and daemons you have active on the MCM - it could simply be that it’s doing its database updating and cateloging (sp?).

One way to check could simply be that at a suitable time when it’s not being accessed or used by anything, unplug it from your network (take the ethernet cable out) and see if the lights carry on flashing after a suitable period of time. If they do then it’s something internal to the MCM itself, and if not then something is accessing it.

I don’t think there’s any simple way to see what is accessing the MCM at least from the dashboard side of things, you may need to do a more in-depth check network-wide (starting with the client list on your router to see who is accessing it, for example). Plus of course ensure that adequate security is set up generally, along with suitable user access privs.

Lastly don’t forget that devices may be accessing the MCM in the background, such as back-ups (esp if you are using Smartware) or just apps and programs which may have a location on the MCM set as their default or last-used save folder or suchlike.

One other thing you can do is see what processes are running via the MCM dashboard (click on the CPU load details on the main front page) and see there if it’s something like database updating or SMB daemons that are keeping things going.