Disk activity when not in use

I recently bought a WD My Book Live 1tb.

When the drive is not in use I find that the disk comes to life after around 30s-1min of inactivity, where this activity lasts around 30s-1 minute. The front LED is stable green when this occurs, suggesting its doing something internal.

Seems to occur regardless of whether twonky/mionet services are disabled in the config. I did some brief tests last night and it seemed like the activity occurred regardless of whether a network cable was connected to the drive.

The regular buzzing, particularly in late evening quiet, is annoying and I’m on the verge of returning this drive. I wouldn’t mind activity if I was actually accessing the files but I’m not.

Before I return it  I figured I’d check here on the WD forum to see if there’s a solution.


  1. Note that that the drive is silent when it enters sleep mode through inactivity (blue light on front), that the autonomous disk activity triggers only when its active (green).

  2. When I play a flac music file on windows from the nas share, the drive is comparatively quiet. The autonomous activity sounds searching or indexing.

  3. Version: MyBookLive 01.02.03 : MioNet



This could be one of a number of things… the drive does its own internal diagnostics…defragging, SMART checks etc. - its possible you could be catching it durring this cycle. Its also possible that some software on a machine on your network is checking it. If you run any kind of anti-virus this is the most likely culprit. To test, try shutting down each machine 1 at a time to see if it effects this behavior.