Disk 2 only showing 100gb of total avalaible space in windows explorer

Hi, I received my new EX2 almost 2 weeks ago my data transfer was to first fill Disk 1 . I’m using JBOD mode.

Now i’m ready to fill Disk 2. Shares are created, some data are on some of them. The problem is that I have only 100 gb of total available space on it. Trying to copy a directory containing more than 100Gb of data and I got a "not enough space avalable on the drive error msg.

In windows explorer, where i did map

some permanent network drives with the net use command, it really show all of them that are physically located on disk 2 with 36Gb used on 100Gb…


In windows disk manager, the main data partition in identied as RAW but healthy. I suppose the RAW status in normal since it’s formatted with linux  ( I connected the disk through  a usb 3.0 interface to have it connected directly to my pc to see the status…). I’m getting the sames status data with Acronis Disk Director 12… and I inserted Disk 1 in the usb interface to compare it.  The infos i’m getting is identical to the one for “culprit” Disk 2.

Any Idea guys ??


I just reseted the unit… same situation… :frowning:

In Smartware, Shares that are on disk 2 (volume2) are reporting 2.2 Tb of free spaces… Should be ok. but…

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

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Hi Trancer,

Thank you. I’ve already opened a service call with WD, still NO ANSWERS from them. I beginning to be very upset. This product cost more thant 500$ CAD …