Disk 100% spikes from time to time

Hi everyone, looking for a solution for my issue below. Been facing this in a couple of months.

Issue: Spikes on Disk to 100% from time to time, causing stutter in game or media playlist (1-2s freeze time).

Spec: WDC WD10EZEX-22MFCA0 Blue 1TB (game and media drive, OS is on SSD)
I’ve just bought this new drive on May 2020.


  1. WD check: DLGDIAG - PASS both Quick and Extended Test

|Test Option:|EXTENDED TEST|
| — | — |
|Model Number:|WDC WD10EZEX-22MFCA0|
|Unit Serial Number:|WD-WCC6Y6ZNUZNC|
|Firmware Number:|01.01A01|
|Capacity:|1000.20 GB|
|SMART Status:|PASS|
|Test Result:|PASS|
|Test Time:|05:02:33, October 04, 2020|

  1. SMART status is PASS, but below is the result:

  2. I recorded some videos, but I think this one is the most noticable:

  3. However, if you look at the 100% disk above, when I record the “Process” tab in task manager, I cannot see it goes 100% - so I don’t know which process causes it, below is the screenshot:

  4. I have tried to do almost all of this tips: https://www.partitionwizard.com/partitionmagic/100-disk-usage-windows-10.html, but to no avail. I did fix #1, #4, #5 (SysMain), #9. And I don’t think moving media and games to SSD is an option from me, as my SSD is only 256GB and it is expensive to expand/replace it with a new one.

Very much appreciate it, hope the community / WD team can help!

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Kindly help and thanks!

Most likely it is firmware issue as the drive controller does some internal health checks.
Can you post a report from speedfan utility by clicking perform in-depth analysis button?
You see these standard SMART reports are mostly useless as most of these parameters does not have a threshold set by manufacturer for failure. For example from my experience even one remapped sector makes drive access slow as each request have to be looked up in bad sector list but it us not considered as failure.

Thanks for the advice.
But is speedfan a safe program to be used? It’s new and I am not comfortable installing it.

However, I’ve just done further research:

  1. I’ve re-installed my OS (yes, I did)
  2. I’ve re-plugged the SATA3 cable connected
    No luck.

So I pulled out my Old Laptop internal HDD (connected to SATA2 x USB2.0), and used it as External Drive.

I then create a recording of World of Warcraft cinematics (both location: WDC and External drive), using OBS (installed on SSD), and Video output from OBS is stored on External Drive.
Funny enough, no stuttering, no disk spike where I played cinematics on External Drive.
Where as on WDC, if I counted correctly, there were 4 spikes and it captured perfectly on my videos below:
Spike (WDC): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSuHGJP-LXg
Non-spike (External Drive): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92A1NIpqQag

I guess the only solution would be warranty claim?

Speedfan is safe as we use only HDD report and don’t try to use fan speed adjustment.