Dish DVR External Storage Info

Dish DVR External Storage Info:

MyBook WDBFJK0020HBK is the best solution for 2TB of storage.
I tried a 3TB drive and actually got it to be recognized for formatting as it did and it worked just fine, but then when I got another at a later date, it was refused to be recognized as compatible.
Also, a Sandisk 512GB Flash-drive was recognized and it DID format it as an archival drive!

FYI: These high capacity drives have a 1000 title limit for the Archival-Directory!!!
Once you go past this 1000 title limit, you must delete, or restore titles that were put into the drive before the 1000 limit was reached in order to retrieve the titles of 1001 or above!

Dish 722HD DVR and Dish VIP211HD DVR have different formatting requirements so you MUST reformat the external drives before switching between them, but if your secondary DVR was of the same type, you can use each of the archival drives

Warning: Perhaps going above this 1000 title limit could corrupt the drives’ directory vectors and crash the drive.

Does anyone know if WD-Elements drives will work with Dish 722 HD?

I have never tried this. I believe we have some experiences users that can comment on this. Lets wait for them to see this thread and share some ideas with us.